A Slice and a Scoop is a song written by Leon Riskin. It plays during the Beginning Minigame. It also plays when play testing some games and attractions.


The song is an instrumental, happy, and upbeat song that resembles the emotion of the Beginning Minigame and playtesting some games and attractions.


This song plays when the player is playing the Beginning Minigame and when the player is play testing some games and attractions.

The song ends right after when the player completes the minigame, afterwards, the screen turns black before doing the Scrap Baby Salvaging Cutscene. The song also ends when the player is done play testing an attraction and/or game.


  • The title A Slice and a Scoop may reference Circus Baby (Scrap Baby) scooping Michael Afton in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.


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