Adventure Endo-01 is a playable character that appears in the spin-off FNaF World. He was formerly set to play a role in the Ultimate Custom Night, although his current role is clearly unknown due to being removed.


His appearence is unknown due to being removed from UCN.

Ultimate Custom Night

It is unknown how Adventure Endo-01 would've played in the Ultimate Custom Night, since he is removed from the roster, but will appear in other circumstances.


  • Originally, Endo-01 was added to the first roster of UCN, but was removed along with Candy Cadet (who was placed deactivated in the first Office) due to favor of other characters in the UCN.
  • He was the first character from FNaF World to appear in the roster teaser.
    • The second one is Old Man Consequences, and the third is Dee Dee.


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