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App Data, short for Application Data, is the game data for Five Nights at Freddy's 6, better known as Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.

How To Find It?

Use Search for your computer files, run Command or File Explorer for %appdata%, choose the folder called "MMFApplications" you can find all of the FNaF (All the FNaF franchise, with FNaF World) save files including Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator entitled "FNAF 6". Notepad is highly recommended for opening. Most parameters can be disabled or removed by setting the '=(#)' to 0 or simply deleting the parameter completely.


General Gameplay

[FNAF6]: Game Name

night=(1-6): Day of the week (1- Monday, 2- Tuesday, 3-Wednesday, 4 -Thursday, 5- Friday, 6-Saturday)

phase=(1-5): Phase Number (1= Catalog/Blueprint Mode, 2= Main Gameplay, 3= Salvaging Room, 4= Day Summary, 5= Lawsuit Menu)

first=(#): 0= 8-Bit Pizzeria Simulator (played when first opening the game), 1= Mainstream Pizzeria Simulator

m2=1: Molten Freddy's appearance (delete to remove appearance)

m3=1: Scraptrap's appearance

m4=1: Scrap Baby's appearance

m5=1: Lefty's appearance - Delete to remove appearance. If Lefty was bought, delete '411=1' or set to '411=0', along with deleting 'm5=1'

printer=(#): 'X2 Printer' upgrade

hispeed=(#): 'Hi-Spd Uplink' upgrade

handyman=(#) 'Hire Handyman' upgrade

Catalog/Blueprint Mode

money=(#): Amount of money owned

spent=(#): Amount of money spent

un1=(#): 0= 'Stan's Budget Tech' locked, 1= Unlocked

un2=(#): 0= 'Smiles and Servos, Inc.' locked, 1= Unlocked

un3=(#): 0= 'Rare Finds Auction' locked, 1= Unlocked

bonus en=(#): Bonus Entertainment

bonus at=(#): Bonus Atmosphere

bonus he=(#): Bonus Health & Safety

bonus re=(#): Bonus Revenue

bonus li=(#): Bonus Liability

plate health=(#): Best plate and cups stats, can be upgraded

plate atmos=(#): Best plate and cups stats, can be upgraded

speaker bonus=(#): Best speaker stats, can be upgraded

en=(#): Total Entertainment

total_li=(#): Total Liability

total_at=(#): Total Atmosphere

total_re=(#): Total Revenue

he=(#): Total Health and Safety


(3-digit number)=(#): Each 3-digit number corresponds to an item in the catalog and the '=(#)' parameter can be '=0: Not owned and Purchasable', or '=1: Purchased and available in your inventory'.

(3-digit number[statistic])= (#): Shows the level for the statistic stated

(3-digit number{added{coin/atmos/ safety}])=(#): 'Add Coin Slot', 'Clean and Polish' and 'Safety Straps' upgrades, 0= Upgrade available for item, 1= Upgrade added


101= Balloon Barrel

102= Discount Ball Pit

103= Paper Cups and Plates

104= Colorful Cups and Plates

105= Single Stage

106= Double Stage

107= Sanitation Station

108= Discount Cooling Unit

109= Duck Pond

110= Bucket Bob

111= Mr. Can Do

112= Mr. Hugs

113= No. 1 Crate

114= Pan Stan

115= Paperpals

201= Foil Party Set

202= Enhanced Speaker Set

203= Deluxe Speaker Set

204= Fruity Maze Arcade

205= Midnight Motorist Arcade

206= Gumball Swivelhands

207= Neon Stage Lights

208= Sturdy Stage

209= Sturdy Stage- Extended

210= Novelty Traffic Light

211= Happy Frog

212= Mr. Hippo

213= Nedd Bear

214= Pigpatch

215= Candy Cadet

301= Star Curtain Stage

302= Deluxe Concert Stage

303= Ballpit Tower

304= Ladder Tower

305= Carnival Hoops

306= Riding Rockets

307= Lemonade Clown

308= Fruit Punch

309= Neon Jukebox

310= Medical Stations

311= Security Doors

312= Rockstar Freddy

313= Rockstar Bonnie

314= Rockstar Chica

315= Rockstar Foxy

401= Balloon Cart

402= Confetti Tile Floor

403= Deluxe Ball Pit

404= Disco Pizza Light

405= Egg Baby (Data Archive)

406= Neon Party Set

407= Gravity Vortex

408= Orville Elephant

409= Prize King

410= Security Puppet

411= Lefty

412= Music Man

413= El Chip

414= Funtime Chica

415= Pickles

cups=(#): Cups and Plates quality. 1= Paper Cups and Plates, 2= Colorful Cups and Plates, 3= Foil Party Set, 4= Neon Party Set

stage=(#): Stage quality, 1= Single Stage, 2= Double Stage, 3= Sturdy Stage, 4= Sturdy Stage- Extended, 5= Deluxe Concert Stage,

speakers=(#): Speaker Set quality; 1= Enhanced Speaker Set, 2= Deluxe Speaker Set


(night#)play= (#): Night and number of tokens used, to give tokens set value 10 before wanted value and make negative; ex. to get 99 tokens you must in put -89

ad(number corresponding to night)=(#): Make value =0 or delete to remove ad, 1= Owned advertising


1play=(#): 1st night

2play=(#): 2nd night

3play=(#): 3rd night

4play=(#): 4th night

5play=(#): 5th night

6play=(#): 6th night

ad1=(#) Fiztime Pop Soda

ad2=(#) Marty's Plungers

ad3=(#) Flo's Glossy Floss

ad4=(#) Wally's Wacky Warts

ad5=(#) Lally's Lollies

room08=(#): Floorplan; 0= Starting Floorplan, 1= $250 Floorplan, 2= $1000 Floorplan

Unknown Values/Parameters Meanings



1ACS=(#) - 18ACS=(#)



ach1=1 - ach4=1


att01=(#) - att08=(#)








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