When first starting Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, the game pretends to be an 8-bit tycoon game. Where the player takes control of Freddy Fazbear and delivers pizza to kids for multiple rounds.


Designing Pizza

You can pick 6 different toppings on the pizza though it will make no appearance in the main part of the mini-game.


When the player reaches the third round, a gray-scaled Freddy appears and blocks the player from delivering any more pizzas to the kids, The player needs to feed the gray Freddy pizzas to freeze him in place for a few seconds in order to get the pizza to the kids. The more pizza you feed him the longer he will stay frozen.

The controls for the minigame.

From the start of the fourth round onwards, the game starts to glitch out with all sprites turning into the grayed out Freddy Sprite until the screen goes black for a few seconds and switches to the Salvaging cutscene with Scrap Baby revealing that the game was FNAF 6 all along.


Main Gameplay

Pizza Building

Teasers and Screenshots

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