• NathanComix

    This is my version of the Ultimate Custom Night!

    Same as original.

    • FNaF 1
      • Freddy Fazbear
      • Bonnie (no longer in the Pirate's Cove)
      • Chica
      • Foxy
      • Fredbear (special jumpscare sound used in 20/20 mode)
    • FNaF 2
      • Withered Freddy
      • Toy Freddy
      • Withered Bonnie
      • Toy Bonnie
      • Withered Chica
      • Toy Chica
      • Withered Foxy
      • Mangle
      • BB
      • JJ
      • Marionette
      • Golden Freddy
    • FNaF 3
      • Springtrap
      • Phantom Freddy
      • Phantom Chica
      • Phantom Foxy
      • Phantom Mangle
      • Phantom BB
      • Phantom Marionette
    • FNaF 4
      • Nightmare Freddy
      • Nightmare Bonnie
      • Nightmare Chica
      • Nightmare Foxy
      • Nightmare Fredbear
      • Plushtrap
      • Nightmare
      • Jack O' Bonnie
      • Jack O' Chica
      • Nightmare Mangle
      • Nightmare BB
      • Nightmarionne
    • FNaF 5 (SL)
      • Circus Baby
      • Ballora
      • Bidybab/Electrobab (they mess with the vent cameras)
      • Minireena
      • Funtime Foxy
      • Funtime Freddy
      • Bon-Bon
      • Bonnet
      • Funtime Chica (despite not appearing in …

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  • Tigerdev21

    Hello there 

    I ask you it's ok?

    Really real this game Five Nights at freddy's horror same freddy fazbear's pizza right?

    They where lived 


    New York 

    Hurricane Utah 

    Hurricane west Virginia 

    Huhesville Pennsylvania 

    Kansas city Missouri 


    I'm not sure. 

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  • JustinMasterMine

    Fun facts about UCN

    December 24, 2018 by JustinMasterMine

    Here are some fun facts about Ultimate Custom Night, which I found in the game itself. I'm posting these facts in case they haven't been explained fully or haven't been explained at all.

    • According to this Reddit observation, the Plush Trio animatronics spawn at 1AM, 3AM and 5AM. If the about-to-spawn animatronic is disabled, then the current animatronic in the Right Hall will leave and none of them will be present.
    • A plushie costs 10 Faz-Coins at difficulty 1-10, 15 at difficulty 11-19 and 20 for difficulty 20.
    • If you buy a plushie before its animatronic counterpart shows up, they will not attack at any point, not even if you change the camera. You can buy all three plushies and the trio will already be satisfied, allowing you to check on the …

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  • 223p

    Lena Hill

    December 11, 2018 by 223p

    There seems to be confusion regarding whether Stephanie Belina Quinn, or Lena Hill voiced Lefty, however I can confirm that Lena Hill the the voice actress for Lefty thanks to this tweet: However taking even a curory glance at  Lena Gwendolyn Hill's Twitter and website show the the Lena Hill described by this Wiki is not the one who voiced Lefty. I would advise taking action to rewrite the page. 

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  • JustinMasterMine

    I came up with some easy UCN presets to unlock the Sister Location and Fazbear's Fright offices quickly. They are quite easy, but at the same time they create a formidable challenge. The animatronics are set to 20 difficulty for maximum point output.

    20-difficulty animatronics: Mangle, JJ, Withered Chica, Springtrap, Old Man Consequences, Ennard, Rockstar Freddy, Rockstar Foxy and William Afton

    Stay on the Vent Monitor for the whole night. You can save energy with this preset because you can easily predict the vent crawlers' movements (Springtrap, Ennard and Molten Freddy give cues and Withered Chica always takes the rightmost entrance) but only raise the monitor to check on Mangle or reboot the ventilation in order to conserve power. JJ ca…

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  • CrimtheMonkey

    this wiki is useless lol

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  • Snoopy222333

    Avengers + FNAF

    October 19, 2018 by Snoopy222333

    As some of you know, some voice actors for fnaf voiced characters for the IOS and android game avengers academy. Avengers academy is a building game where you recruit younger versions of famous heroes and make an academy for S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Kellen Goff (Funtime Freddy/Fredbear) voices Bruce Banner (Not Hulk, because hulk is voiced by John Cena)

    Heather Masters (Circus Baby/Scrap Baby) Voices Spider-gwen, AKA Gwen Stacy. You know, the version of gwen stacy where she didn't die. You'll see it in spiderman:into the spiderverse

    Amber Lee Connors (Toy Chica, JJ (Fnaf world), Clara (fnaf SL)) Voices Medusa. Not the mythology version of medusa, but the character from Inhumans.

    Anyway, there might be more, but in case i missed anyone, leave it in the co…

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  • KingAlex105X

    Wiki to-do list

    October 11, 2018 by KingAlex105X

    Here is a list of things that I have to do for this wiki, you guys can also help aswell as I usually have a crunched schedule.

    • Make a page for OST that includes all of the music from UCN and FFPS, this is due to users requests on the discord.
    • Update Voice actor pages to be more complete looking with actors images.
    • Make a possible audio page for Play Testing to hold minigame audio, dialogue, and other sounds.
    • Add and convert the rest of the audio from FFPS and UCN and add it to respected pages
    • In addition add the rest of missing images if any.
    • Add jumpscare sounds to all of the characters who make one but don't have one on their page yet.
    • Sort out and sounds that aren't on pages yet.

    I think thats about it.

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  • Mackay2010

    Fnaf Theory

    September 30, 2018 by Mackay2010

    I don't own this game or wiki please support Scott and wiki creator.

    I think Helpy is the one you should not have killed(from UNC) he does not talk and the game if you fail the mini game where helpy jumps into the ball pit if you lose he snaps his neck this is maybe how the one you should not have killed(from UCN pt.2).

    First this sounds crazy but maybe MatPat will come to this who knows and i hope you injoy your time on Fandom and the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator Wiki 

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  • HackerMaster21

    We have to remind the community that gender debates are against the rules. From now on, anyone who starts or participates in a gender debate will get a warning. If you continue to do so, you will get a 3 day ban.

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  • KingAlex105X
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  • Grimlock The Dinobot

    New Pages

    August 6, 2018 by Grimlock The Dinobot

    Grimlock here, I want to alert you all to NOT make new pages unless you have the specific permission from King Alex to make it.

    When you make a page, we expect it to be on par with our other pages, not a bunch of words slapped together with an image on the side. If you made a character page, we expect the description to be original to our wiki, not a copy paste from another unless it is our Sister Wikis. We expect a character profile to be on the page. Please do not make any new pages unless Alex allows you to, it will be deleted otherwise.

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  • SJ Meyer

    Has anyone else noticed that the way glitchy way Chica talks sounds exactly like a spirit box? (A spirit box is used to communicate with ghosts). MatPat (the game theorist) said that Withered Chica’s voice lines were stumping him when theorizing about this game. Maybe it’s not Chica that’s talking? Why does only Chica talk like this? I’m sure Scott intended for her to sound like a spirit box, but why? It might be as simple as her animatronic body doesn’t have a means of letting her talk. I don’t know, it’s just something no one else has noticed.

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  • Punkred13

    Did you all know?

    June 30, 2018 by Punkred13

    With just Foxy, Bonnie, Phone Guy, Lefty, and Rockstar Foxy (thanks Dee Dee) active, you can survive from 3 a.m - 6 a.m with 0% power? My mind was absolutely blown.

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  • MouseGirl90

    Hi! Welcome. Basically all you do here is share fan/canon stories, new ideas and theories, and just hang out! With all that info, you can easily make that Mr. Hippo.... Proud. Just remember: 1. No cyberbulling

    2. No swearing 3. Have Fun!!! Read more >



    Freakshow Baby

    Scrap Baby



    Fredly the Helpy

    Golden Helpy


    Rockstar Freddy

    Rockstar Bonnie

    Rockstar Chica

    Rockstar Foxy

    El Bears

    Nedd Bear

    El Chip

    Mr. Hippo

    Candy Cadet

    Orville Elephant

    Security Puppet

    Music Man

    Funtime Chica


    Happy Frog

    Pan Stan

    Mr. Hugs

    Mr. Can Do

    Bucket Bob

    Molten Freddy

    Salvaged SpringTrap

    Fruit Punch for Everyone

    Thats all folks!

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  • Martin2646837

    And how we knew Michael Afton is the protagonist of this game (FFPS/FNaF 6)?


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  • KingAlex105X

    Leave a comment below in what the new poll on the front page should be and I'll pick the most suitable one. k thx bye also tell me if you like the new background color or not

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  • FiveGuy99

    If Charlie (from The Twisted Ones) got “captured” and lefty is supposed to do that too, than baby captured Charlie and the others did to!

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  • TheMajesticStork

    So I was just scanning the Internet and came across an Ultimate Custom Night roster containing 100 characters. I decided I would make my own AI for them, and here it is.

    Tada! I made new additions to this AI presentation now that I have risen from the grave. 

    - Mhm, the AIs of 16 more animatronics have been developed. (Actually I'm not sure.)

    coming soon :)

    - I decided that a map for the cameras and other mechanics not related to the animatronic AIs were necessary for you to understand stuff better. Like, you wouldn't know if the Gift Factory would be connected to the Sanitation Station without context or a map, so I decided to add some stuff like that. The camera maps are coming next though...

    GAME ON! mode. Adds 25 new animatronics who will…

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  • FiveGuy99

    OMG! Stop arguing about Leftys gender, He is both.

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  • Flameygamer

    I mean, come on

    He's not defined as the same entity

    In the actual game, he's referred to as "William Afton," not Springtrap

    It may be similar, but seriously?

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  • Spencer131313

    what lefty is

    April 23, 2018 by Spencer131313

    lefty is not the sicurity puppet (seprate from the marrionette) lefy captured the sicurity puppet 

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  • RoblesK

    This is my opinion on the animtronics mechanic, also submitting there difficulties (Very easy, easy, medium, hard, very hard, insane). 20/50 (all animartronics): IT's SO HARD THAT YOU HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME AND IT'S VERY CONFUSING. (IT'S TOO HARD TO SAY THE DIFFICULTY)

    Golden Freddy: Lowering the tablet, then pulling it back up is to easy. Startiling at him isn't that to easy too take (Easy)

    Helpy: It's too good to take him out before personaling you with an airhorn. (Very easy, may change when Ultimate Custom Night comes because we don't know how are we suppose too take him out.

    Tell me what do you think and this is a W.IP., until all programmings are done.

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  • DigitalOriginal


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  • Pinkyrocket


    February 19, 2018 by Pinkyrocket

    You don't know me, but something terrible has happened. Pan-Stan has been forgotten. He isn't on the new teaser. HECK, YOU GUYS DIDN'T WRITE AN ARTICLE ON HIM! Shame on you all. Freddy Masks off for Pan-Stan.

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  • KingAlex105X

    wiki junk

    February 18, 2018 by KingAlex105X
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  • Cadethefrogger

    My songs

    January 31, 2018 by Cadethefrogger

    ==I am actualy also a song maker, I have two songs right now, and more to come in the future. If you want to see my songs, go ahead knock yourself out.

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  • Damian ps

    Stick Fnaf 6

    January 27, 2018 by Damian ps

    As a baby: You yourself. Does this play a role in you? This is a gift. You all find one place. Minor spirits, in some cases, are. It's a gift. Now we can create and build. I'm proud of it. Look, listen, play. Massage * - * PU * Full contact. If you remember your name, I apologize, but I'm afraid of this statement. There is no description here, but you are not here. We all have to cheat, smell, dry and lift. Another black woman. You do not know how to be snares. You have to run a continuous cycle, and cry out to complain to other children and you can always be right, but in some cases you are at risk. But you can not carry it, not one of them. End of story A good man, a good paper, is not for you. Although your plan, I feel you do not want …

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  • TheDe'tailerizer

    Well. It does say on the blueprint that a lullaby must be played in order to use "suit-seal". Sounds like a trap for the poor lil' puppet to me. It also states that Lefty behaving upon the seal, IS NOT GUARENTEED. So killing is likely.

    And that hush at the end of his/her's jumpscare, that's likely from his/her long time spent using a lullaby to catch a puppet and saying "hushhh" once he/she caught the puppet and calmed her.

    And the whole rare screen issue? Well puppet is clearly taller than lefty so just thinking, the puppet could be all twisted up in lefty's suit. I mean really, an animatronic with half possesion is awe to be a little offin the head.

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  • Creepey the demon


    December 23, 2017 by Creepey the demon

    Hello all users

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  • EliElectron

    FFPS Timeline spot

    December 7, 2017 by EliElectron

    FNAF 6 which has recently come out has been on my mind lately were does it fit on the timeline has been my question for weeks and I believe I have an answer


    Okay so the one thing on determining the Location of FNAF 6 on the timeline is looking for clues in the game. We can confirm this is after FNAF:SL because of the freakshow animatronics. But I can also confirm that you dont play as Micheal Afton because During a Jumpscare with Freakshow baby she says you are not who I was expecting. But back on topic I have gotten very close to finding where it is on the timeline. And I believe it is After FNAF 3 Or After FNAF 1 but before FNAF 3. And now I know it is AFTER FNAF 3 *insane inhale* I can prove this because of the springtrap a…

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  • Cadethefrogger

    Can I get some help?

    December 4, 2017 by Cadethefrogger

    Anyone seeing this, I could use a lot of help with this wiki.

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