All Certificates on the menu.

There's 6 known certificates/endings you can earn by simply playing the whole game and find. Once you find them, they will be displayed on the main menu. The 6 are as follows:

Certificate of Completion


This certificate is acquired by completing the "Good" Ending. The narrator will award you the certificate during the closing cutscene of the ending. The way to earn this is if you salvaged all of the animatronics, don't go bankrupt and survive. But if you get jumpscared by any animatronic before the following salvaging, you can't earn the certificate.

Certificate of Mediocrity 


This certificate is awarded for completing the "Mediocre" Ending. As with the 4 other ending-related certificates, it is awarded to the player during the ending cutscene. The way to earn this is if you don't purchase anything from the catalog. This results the Final Faz-Rating Score as "0" with Helpy's face in is hands on the side of his screen.

Certificate of Being Blacklisted (You Have Been Blacklisted)


This certificate is awarded to the player for getting the blacklisted ending. The way to earn this certificate is if you have as much liability risk as possible.

Certificate of Bankruptcy 


This certificate is awarded to the player if they go bankrupt at any point during the game, whether it be having no money at the end of the game, or running out of money due to lawsuits. you are then fired after receiving this certificate.

Lorekeeper Certificate


This is the interesting one. To get this certificate you have to get the bonus pieces of lore in the 3 minigames with lore in them. Those games are "Fruity Maze", "Midnight Motorist", and "Security Puppet". Once the secret lore has been unlocked in all 3 minigames, you will earn the certificate and it will appear on the main menu. Although you don't get a cutscene of you earning the Lorekeeper certificate, it adds an extra scene in the good ending. This scene is the graveyard scene.

Certificate of Insanity


The way to earn the Insanity certificate is to earn the insanity ending. The narrator gives you the certificate to make sure no one believes you if you tell what you learned. (For more information on the Insanity ending go to Endings.)


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