Christopher McCullough is the voice of Foxy and Pigpatch in Ultimate Custom Night. He previously voiced Vlad in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, and also voiced Adventure Fredbear in FNAF World.

About Christopher McCullough

A passion for impersonations, a niche for accents, and a wide vocal range makes Christopher an ideal choice for your project.

Christopher draws on his many years of stage theater along with improvisational comedy training to provide a voice that not only can be zany and comical, but also conversational and heartwarming. From evil and villainous to the humble boy next door, anything is possible.

Role Descriptions


This is a short script for a game character in the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's 6 expansion. This is the voice of Pigpatch, a villain who doesn't get to kill the player often, but when he does, he likes to say something about it.

Pigpatch has a very goofy appearance, but speaks deeply with wisdom and menace, delivering his one-liners as though standing over the body of his enemy.

I'm open to interpretation with this character, so feel free to try any style or accent.


This is for a character in the upcoming expansion to Five Nights at Freddy's 6.

The script is very short, but the character is important nonetheless. The character is Foxy the Pirate. I want him to have a thick Pirate's accent and a lot of personality and power put into the voice. I would also prefer the voice to be gravely and old, like an aged and weary soul but still full of fire and vinegar.


  • Chris had a scrapped line in FNaF World for Adventure Fredbear for when beating Foxy Fighters, but this line ended up being given to Adventure Foxy.
  • When voicing for Pigpatch the banjo effect after he speaks wasn't in the script instead is was something Scott Cawthon added after.
  • Chris auditioned for Mr. Hippo and got approved, but the role later got given to Joe Gaudet.
    • In addition Chris wanted to also audition for Rockstar Foxy, but was too late to try out for the role.
  • Chris' favorite FNaF character that he doesn't voice is Ennard.
  • Chris auditioned for FNaF World at the beginning of 2016, Sister Location at June of 2016, and then for Ultimate Custom at May of 2018.


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