The Death Coin is a game mechanic in Ultimate Custom Night. It can be used to eliminate a certain character from the night and prevents them from showing up again.

Ultimate Custom Night

The Death Coin costs 10 Faz-Coins and can only be bought once per night. The player can use it to eliminate a character from the roster for the night. However, there are only certain characters that are susceptible for deletion.

Susceptible Characters

The characters that are susceptible to removal by the Death Coin are:

A downside of utilizing the Death Coin is the use of Faz-Coins. The player will have a lower Faz-Coin count by purchase of the Death Coin, causing the player to own fewer coins to be utilized against animatronics that require Faz-Coins to defend against, namely Rockstar Freddy, Circus Baby, Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Mangle. If the player chooses the buy the coin, that can potentially put the player in danger unless the player builds up the coin count quickly.

After the player has purchased the Death Coin from the Prize Counter, there will be a Death Coin icon shown in the top left corner. When you are viewing a vulnerable target, the icon will light up. If the player clicks the Death Coin icon at that point, it will eliminate the target animatronic from the game for the night. Although this may seem pointless at first, eliminating the enemy this way still gives the player points for beating that character.


  • There is a common misconception that the Death Coin removes points when used when it actually doesn't.



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