The Flashlight is a mechanic in Ultimate Custom Night returning from FNaF 2 and FNaF 4.


The flashlight is used to ward off certain animatronics such as Nightmare BB and Phantom Freddy. It does not run off its own battery like it did in the second game. Instead, it runs off the main power system, so the player must be careful when using it so that the player would not drain away their power. To activate the flashlight, press 'Z'. However, when Balloon Boy appears at the player's office, he can disable the flashlight at a certain time, making it difficult to fend off the animatronics that are affected by the flashlight.

Animatronics that are affected by the flashlight:

  • Phantom Freddy
    • It is used to fend off him, preventing him to de-materialize. The effect of ignoring/not flashlighting him will cause a jumpscare.
  • Nightmare Freddy
    • It is used to fend off his Freddles. The effect of ignoring/not flashlighting his Freddles at a long time, causing him to jumpscare.
  • Nightmare Balloon Boy
    • It is used to fend off him, when he is standing, the player needs to use the flashlight on him, but when he is slouching, it is prohibited to use the flashlight on him. The effect of ignoring while he is standing or he is slouching will cause a jumpscare.


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