I can't run like I used to, but I can pull myself apart just fine!
— One of Foxy's death lines.

Foxy the Pirate (or simply known as Foxy) is an antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's. He is a returning character in Ultimate Custom Night.


FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S Graphic designed animatronic bipedal red fox, Foxy The Pirate, wearing eye patch, brown tattered shorts, and hooked right hand
— Scott Cawthon's page, "Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Foxy is a large, animatronic pirate fox with crimson fur. He has a black nose with freckles in the same color on each side of his snout, which has a lighter color than the rest of his fur, excluding his chest and belly, which have the same color of his snout. He also has dark red eyebrows, with a tuff of fur on the top of his head.

Foxy has a yellow colored right eye, with a black eye patch on his left eye. He has a grey hook with a black rim replacing his right hand. Foxy's body is heavily damaged, especially considering the number of tears on his torso and legs. His endoskeleton left hand, shins and feet are even exposed due to this state of disrepair. It's currently unknown why Foxy is in such disrepair.

Ultimate Custom Night


He inhabits Pirate's Cove along with Bonnie, and while you shouldn't view Pirate's Cove when Bonnie is active, it's a necessity when Foxy is. Foxy will gradually make his exit if you don't check on him regularly, and once he's out, there's no way to make him go back. He also has a new trick up his sleeve to get into your office: he gets in piece by piece. He will find any vulnerability in your office and slip in chunks of himself (arms, legs, head, torso) through any open vent or open door, until all of his fragments are inside. Once there, he will wait for you to pull up your monitor before putting himself back together and jumpscaring you.
— Ultimate Custom Night Description


Foxy's Jumpscare

Foxy jumpscaring the Player.

Foxy, like Bonnie, hides behind Pirate's Cove and the player has to constantly check on him to prevent the former from sprinting out. In order to do so, the player has to check the Office to see whether a figurine of Foxy is on the desk. Like the first game, Foxy heads out of Pirate's Cove in 4 phases:

  1. Foxy is initially seen only exposing half his body. He is also staring at the camera.
  2. Foxy's whole body is now fully shown, except parts of his arms.
  3. Foxy has now stepped out of Pirate's Cove and looks directly at the camera, with his jaws wide open.
  4. Foxy, his jaws still open, is now looking away from the camera and heading towards the player's office. The curtains of Pirate's Cove are now completely open by this phase.

If Foxy succeeds in getting out of Pirate's Cove, he will find any open doors and vents in your office and will proceed to toss in his parts (head, arms, torso, and legs) in the Office. As the player keeps flicking up their monitor, Foxy (fully complete) will jumpscare the player in the process while spinning his head a rapid 360° twice in a few rows.


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Yar-har-har-har-har! Never underestimate the cunning of a pirate. Or a fox for that matter!

Argh, ya never stood a chance!

Argh, I came for ye booty! ...That be treasure, y'know.

I can't run like I used to, but I can pull myself apart just fine!

Arr, so much more spacious in here! I may stay a while.



  • On April 1st, Scott Cawthon supposedly added Foxy's mechanic (along with Nightmare Freddy and Phone Guy.) However, the mechanic turned out to be an April Fool's joke, referencing the common theory of Foxy being a good guy back then in 2014. Somewhat ironically, this joke mechanic would later be modified and reused for Rockstar Foxy. The mechanic reads:
He will run into your office when things are looking dire and offer to help you. You can choose one of three ways for him to assist: He can block one door, clear the vents, or add 1% more power to your meter.
  • Foxy is the final animatronic to be programmed in the UCN Roster at 100%.
  • Foxy is stated to be voiced by Christopher McCullough , who is also voicing Pigpatch, on the website
    • In addition, his page describes his character having a "thick Pirate's accent and a lot of personality and power. He sounds gravely and old, like an aged and weary soul but still full of fire and vinegar. "
  • His jumpscare appears to be twitching uncontrollably referencing his 'twitchy' state during FNAF 1.
    • In addition to this, one of his voice-lines reference him not being able to run like he used to, which is a call back to his mechanic in FNAF 1.
  • Interestingly enough, Foxy is the only one of the original four animatronics to have voice lines. of the Foxy figurine
  • His mugshot is actually a closeup of the Foxy figurine seen on the desk in the Office.
  • His voiced line "Argh, I came for ye booty! ...That be treasure, y'know." could be a reference to an old FNAF meme, in which the phrase "Swiggity swooty, I'm coming for that booty" was associated with the scene of Foxy running down the hallway towards the office.
    • It could also be a reference to Foxy's early popularity in pornographic material to the point where it reached memetic status, becoming associated with the phrase "yiff the fox."


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