Freddy Fazbear (simply known as Freddy) is the titular main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's, and a returning character in the Ultimate Custom Night, including some of his counterparts. He is the redesigned version of Withered Freddy.


FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S "Graphic designed animatronic bipedal brown bear, Freddy Fazbear, wearing black top-hat, bow-tie, and holding microphone."
— Scott Cawthon's page, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
Freddy Fazbear is the lead singer and leader of the original animatronics. Freddy's design is a brown bear with a lighter shade of brown on his stomach and muzzle, which has six black freckles. He has large, black eyebrows and wears a shiny, metallic bowtie of the same color and matching top hat. Similar to most of his bandmates, Freddy only has a set of squarish teeth on his lower jaw, but thick and rectangular, showing what appears to be wear on the end of each tooth.

Ultimate Custom Night


"He approaches from the left hall, emerging from the darkness and progressing in stages toward your door. Keep track of him on the monitor and shut the door when he is standing in the doorway to turn him away. He moves faster as the building gets warmer, so try to keep him at a cool 60 degrees whenever possible."
— Ultimate Custom Night Description

Voice Description

This is for a character in the upcoming expansion to Five Nights at Freddy's 6.

The script is very short, but the character is VERY important nonetheless. This part is for the title character of Freddy Fazbear, the main antagonist of the series. He is a large entertainment robot, so be should sound robust and jolly, while also sounding, well, murderous. He speaks his lines after killing the player.

Using a mild voice filter to help the voice sound robotic is a plus.


Description Audio
The sound produced when Freddy Fazbear is jumpscaring the player, this is shared with the rest of the FNaF 1 characters.
UCN - Jumpscare (FNaF 1)


Freddy himself starts off by approaching from the Left Hall. He notably attacks in 4 phases. The first phase consists of him standing far away from the Left Hall. The second and third phase shows Freddy getting closer to the player's Office. Eventually, when Freddy enters the fourth phase, the player has to immediately close the left door, otherwise, they'll get jumpscared by Freddy.







  • Freddy Fazbear and some of his other counterparts are included in Ultimate Custom Night, this includes such as Toy Freddy, Withered Golden FreddyPhantom Freddy, Nightmare Freddy with the Freddles, Rockstar Freddy and Molten Freddy.
  • Freddy himself was the first original animatronic to be programmed in the UCN roster at 56%.
  • Freddy Fazbear's mechanic involving him attacking from the Left Hall references one of his traits from Five Nights at Freddy's, where if the player ran out of power, Freddy would approach from the Left Hall, playing his Toreador March to signify his jumpscare.
  • Strangely in his mugshot, Freddy doesn't appear to have human handprints shown on his face from Five Nights at Freddy's and Five Nights at Freddy's 3.
    • In addition, his Voices.Com page describes him as "a large entertainment robot, so he should sound robust and jolly, while also sounding, well, murderous."
  • If the player is jumpscared by Freddy in UCN, the game over screen will be playing his signature Toreador March theme, another callback to the first game.
  • Although Freddy had a Voices.Com page, When he kills you, he does not speak, he would instead play the Toreador March.
    • Kellen Goff (The voice actor of Funtime Freddy, Molten Freddy and Fredbear) stated in an interview with Dawko that he had auditioned for the voice of Freddy but had the lines he recorded instead used for Fredbear.


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