The Funtime Cove is a newly introduced location from Ultimate Custom Night where the player can see Funtime Foxy peeking through the curtains. It is essential to prevent Funtime Foxy from killing the player.


It looks similar to the Pirate Cove, having the purple colored curtains with white stars, but with a sign in front of it that says the time of showtime. Funtime Cove is located at CAM 06.


The Funtime Cove is essential for checking Funtime Foxy. The sign in front of it displays the showtime, being the exact time that Funtime Foxy emerges to kill the player. To avoid death, the player must view Funtime Cove at the exact showtime, which will postpone the showtime to a later hour during the night. If the player does not view Funtime Cove at the exact time, he will kill the player instantly. Sometimes, the sign may say "7 AM" or "8 AM", which means the player does not have to check the cove for the entire night.



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