The Heater is a mechanic used in Ultimate Custom Night.


The Heater button is a black, rectangular button with a white outline. There is white text in the center saying "Heater". There is also a small, dark gray square to the left end of the button. When activated, the outline, the text, and the square will turn blue.


While the Heater can be an advantage, it can also be a disadvantage. The disadvantage is that Freddy becomes more active, Phantom Freddy appears faster, Lefty becomes increasingly agitated and Jack O' Chica appears when the temperature is high. On the other hand, the Mediocre Melodies (except Happy Frog) can be pushed back by the heater and Rockstar Freddy will malfunction and eventually skip his Faz-Coin request while the Heater is in use. The hotkey for the Heater is '3'. Alternatively, to activate it, the player can also click the button on the Monitor.


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