Helpy is a small plastic mini-figure version of Funtime Freddy from the fifth installment of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, Sister Location. He can be a playable character in most of the mini-games in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, when you are play-testing the rides and games around the pizzeria. He is also a returning character as an opponent in Ultimate Custom Night.


Helpy has a very similar appearance to Funtime Freddy from the fifth installment of the Five Nights at Freddy's game franchise, Sister Location. But there are a few differences between Helpy and Funtime Freddy, Helpy lacks the Bon-Bon hand puppet on him and the ability to separate his face plates and reveal his inner wiring. Helpy has pink cheeks, a black bowtie, a black hat, two buttons on his stomach, he has four cartoonish fingers and feet that lacks his toes. Although Helpy doesn't even appear to be an animatronic, He has a stretchy prepuce, seeming more plastic than metallic, despite being listed as a plushie in the game.


Helpy is seen in multiple places throughout the game, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. He can be seen dancing in the catalog menu in the bottom right side of the screen and in most of the mini-games as well, wherein the player plays as him. He is also seen at the desk in the lawsuit menu, defending lawsuits and also seen in the office as a figure, standing on top of the monitor, lifeless.

Custom Night


"He will appear on your desk at random when closing your tablet. Get rid of him quick or he'll get up-close and personal with an airhorn!"
— Ultimate Custom Night Description


Helpy will appear sometimes on top of the far-right monitor on the back desk once you put down your camera. When this happens, you have to quickly click on him to hit him off the monitor. If you don't, Helpy will jumpscare you, not killing you, but instead he'll give you an irritating noise for the noise-sensitive characters in the game, such as Music Man.


  • Helpy's name was confirmed in this steam post that Scott made.
  • When the player loses in the Gravity Vortex play test, Helpy falls from his orb despite it being closed.


Description Audio
The sound of Helpy breaking his neck after missing a jump.
Helpy's airhorn when jumpscaring the player.


  • Helpy's animation during the catalog will play on maximum speed, making him look like as if twitching rapidly. It is unknown how this bug occurs in the game.


  • Upon failing to get the prize ball in Ballpit Tower, Helpy's bottom clips through the yellow ladder.


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