Were you perhaps looking for her original counterpart, Nightmare Chica?
Greetings from the fire, and from the one you should not have killed!
— One of Jack-0-Chica's death lines.

Jack-O-Chica, is an antagonist exclusive to the Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Halloween Edition. She returns in the Ultimate Custom Night.


Jack-O-Chica is an orange recolor of Nightmare Chica.

Her eyes are a bright orange, same of the rest of her body, resembling a fire or jack-o-lantern. Her bib is torn, wires and endoskeleton are showing.

Ultimate Custom Night


When the office heats up, she will appear in both halls at the same time. Close both doors to make her vanish. This won't work if the office is 100 degrees or more.


Jack-O-Chica gradually begins to manifest near the player's left and right doors simultaneously once the office starts to overheat. The player must close both doors at the same time before the temperature reaches 100 degrees in order to prevent Jack-O-Chica from entering the office and jumpscaring them.



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Did things get really hot in here, or is it just me?

Come and burn with me!

The fire within me burns eternal, and now you shall as well!

I am a burning reminder of your misdeeds!

Greetings from the fire, and from the one you should not have killed!


Description Audio
The sound produced when Jack O' Chica is jumpscaring the player, this is shared with the rest of the FNaF 4 characters.


  • The reason why Jack-O-Chica may have a mechanic with the temperature is because of the glowing light inside and her pumpkin she holds.
  • Scott revealed on 6/21/18 that Jack O' Chica's mechanic is slightly altered, with the doors only working on her if the temperature is below 100 degrees.
  • One of her death quotes says that she is greeting you from the fires and 'the one you should have not killed.' Who this is, is unknown, but it could be referring to the Crying Child from FNAF 4, or the one that possesses Golden Freddy.
  • Jack-O-Chica is missing her 3rd pair of teeth, the same error applies to Nightmare Chica.





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