Come closer... Help me count my teeth!
— One of Nightmare BB's death lines.

Nightmare Balloon Boy, or simply Nightmare BB,  is an antagonist exclusive to Nights at Freddy's 4 and the Halloween edition. He returns in the Ultimate Custom Night.


Unlike his regular counterpart, Nightmare BB is dangerous and scary. His eyes are big and red with white pupils, red nose and cheeks. His propeller hat is now purple and red, his hair is brown and short.

His teeth go all around his mouth and are sharp, his suit has also changed from blue and red to red and purple.


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Come closer... Help me count my teeth!

Heheheheh! You're not so big! Just a bite-sized morsel!

You knew I'd get you eventually!

There just isn't room in here for both of us! Heheheh...

Flash that light all you want! It can't save you now!

Ultimate Custom Night

He sits in your office throughout the night, usually slouched over. When slouched, be careful not to shine your light on him. If he is standing, however, shine your light to return him to his sitting position, otherwise he will attack when you turn away.
— Ultimate Custom Night Description


Nightmare BB will automatically be in the office in a slunched position when the night starts. The player must not shine the flashlight on him in this position or they will get jumpscared. Sometimes when pulling down the monitor, Nightmare BB will be in an attacking pose, which at that point the player must shine their light on him before pulling up their monitor or they will get jumpscared.





  • Nightmare Balloon Boy (According to Dawko) has 171.7 teeth.


  • The top part of Nightmare Balloon Boy's head isn't supported by anything except air.


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