Nightmare Bonnie is an antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 4. He is a returning character in the Ultimate Custom Night mode.


Nightmare Bonnie is a bluish-purple and broken-down animatronic rabbit. He sports a red bowtie just like every other version of Bonnie but is missing his signature guitar. His nose is tattered and has whiskers that are broken and bent.

Like the other Nightmare animatronics, Nightmare Bonnie is in a state of serious disrepair, with the material from his suit being torn in some places and completely missing on his torso and left foot. He has two sets of razor-sharp teeth and sharp claws on both hands. His eyes are a metallic grey with glowing purple pupils.

Ultimate Custom Night

Nightmare Bonnie's mechanic is identical to that of Circus Baby and Nightmare Mangle. He only attacks once per night and when he appears in the Right Hall, the player must purchase his plush toy from the Prize Counter with Faz-Coins (the price of his toy depends on his difficulty setting). Once his toy is purchased, he will not attack for the rest of the night. Alternatively, The Player can just stay at the cam 2 for the rest of the Night and Nightmare Bonnie won't attack. The same goes for Circus Baby and Nightmare Mangle.



  • Nightmare Bonnie's mugshot appears to be based off on his pose in the Thank You! teaser, which was released shortly after FNaF 4's release.
  • Nightmare Bonnie was originally not included in the original roster for UCN, but then he was added along with Funtime Foxy, Neddbear, Orville Elephant, Phantom BB, and Old Man Consequences in the final roster.
  • Nightmare Bonnie was programmed together with Circus Baby and Nightmare Mangle at 88%.
  • Circus Baby, Nightmare Mangle, and Nightmare Bonnie were originally planned to be countered by closing the right door, but this was removed due to Scott believing that it made them too easy to avoid.


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