Let's ta-aste death...again...and again...and again...
— One of Nightmarionne's death lines.

Nightmarionne, aka Nightmare Marionette, is the main antagonist of the exclusive Halloween Edition of Five Nights at Freddy's 4. He returns in the Ultimate Custom Night.


Nightmarionne is black in colour, with some type of ribcage on his torso, and the arms and legs are twisted.

Unlike Puppet, his lips are black, as well as the eye strips. He is much taller than Puppet, as his body almost looks like a skeleton with skin, and his body is COMPLETELY black with the exception of his teeth, mask, three rings of white on each finger, and tiny white pips for eyes.

His mask is white with black lipstick and tears running down his face, and his eyes are black with white specks. His teeth are razor sharp and quite small.

Ultimate Custom Night


His presence moves randomly to different locations in your office as you play, and begins to reappear when your mouse cursor moves over him. Be quick to avoid the area of the office that he occupies, or your run will end with a jumpscare!
— Nightmarionne's description by Scott Cawthon


Don't let your mouse pointer linger over Nightmarionne for too long!
— Nightmarionne's description in the Ultimate Custom Night
Nightmarionne appears in a few positions up close in the Office while the Monitor is down. If the player holds their mouse cursor over him, he will start to fade in until he is completely visible, immediately jumpscaring the player and causing a Game Over.



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Thi-is is a n-nightmare that you won't w-wake from!

This t-time, death cannot save you.

The n-nightmare is j-just beginning.

Let's ta-aste death...again...and again...and again...

I am the fearful reflec-ection of what you have created!


Description Audio
The sound produced when Nightmarionne is jumpscaring the player, this is shared with the rest of the FNaF 4 characters.


  • Scott's Steam post of beta-testing the 50/20 mode and recording its results surprisingly mentions that he got jumpscared multiple times by Nightmarionne, even to the point of describing his reaction as "Nightmarionne seems to be a real problem."
  • According to Scott's feedbacks on, there were at least five voice actors who auditioned for Nightmarionne before Aleks Le was chosen. Zach Hoffman, Eric D. Ward, Matthew Curtis and Darbi Logan[1] auditioned before voicing other characters.
    • In addition, his page lists his character as a "demonic-looking marionette having a heavily distorted, almost unintelligible voice."
  • Sometimes Nightmarionne may appear at the very start of the night.
  • When being viewed by an audio editing program, it seems like the audio is only above, making a dreadful silence when all audio lines are being played at once.
  • If Nightmarionne appears upside-down, his right arm stretches all the way to the left of the screen. Due to it being part of his hitbox, Nightmarionne can still jumpscare the player if the cursor touches his arm.


  • Usually, when the player dies by Nightmarionne, he will not speak. This could possibly be intentional. However, Nightmarionne will speak at 6100 points or above.





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