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Old Man Consequences, aka OMC, is a returning character from FNAF World and is in the Ultimate Custom Night.


Old Man Consequences resembles a red-colored 8-bit character. He appears to have large teeth and his head is shaped like a crocodile. Furthermore, his pixelated appearance suggests that he'll only appear in the form of his FNaF World counterpart.


Come and sit with me a while. Leave the demon to his demons. Rest your own soul. There is nothing else.
— Old Man Consequences

Ultimate Custom Night


Use the C button to catch a fish when his mini game appears, otherwise he will lock your monitor for a short time.
— Ultimate Custom Night Quote


Like many other characters, Old Man Consequences doesn't kill you. When OMC is activated, there is a chance for a screen to appear in the top left corner of the screen. On the screen, there is OMC fishing in the pond, presumed to be the pond he fishes in from FNaF World. To win the minigame, you have to press the C key on the keyboard when the fish is on the red dot. If you catch the fish successfully, the screen will disappear. If you fail to catch, though, your camera will become inaccessible for a short time, saying "Error" on the monitor switch whenever the player tries to open the monitor.

If all other characters are set to 0 and OMC is set to 1, catching a fish will result in being sent to the 4th layer deep area from FNAF World. Speaking with OMC here will result in him saying, "Come and sit with me a while," prompting the player to press enter. When this is done, OMC will say, "Leave the demon to his demons. Rest your own soul. There is nothing else." The player must then exit by rapidly pressing left and right above the pond (A and D), completing the drowned ending from FNAF world and causing the game to crash. If the music in the background were to be sped up, robotic screaming could be heard. Upon closer inspection, it sounds like whoever is screaming is screaming "I hate", "Mike" and possibly "Henry", or crying out for them to help, but this is unclear.


Description Audio
The background noise to OMC's secret minigame.
The same sound but decoded showing William Afton's screams.


  • Old Man Consequences's real mechanic was revealed in Steam's UCN trailer being: "Use the C button to catch a fish when his minigame appears, otherwise he will lock your monitor for a short time."
  • Old Man Consequences's mechanic is similar to that of Lolbit's; they both require the player to use their keyboard when they show up to avoid them making the night harder, and they both can't kill the player. However, Lolbit is only summoned by Dee Dee, while Old Man Consequences is selectable at the UCN setup screen.
  • If Old Man Consequences's secret minigame is accessed, if somebody is to check FNaF World, they will receive the OMC Trophy, even if they never met him in Fnaf World.



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