The Parts and Service room returns in the Ultimate Custom Night mode and serves as Toy Freddy's primary starting location.


The Parts and Service room appears similar to its FNaF 2 counterpart, except the fact it now seems smaller than other versions of the room. Plus, multiple red/black wires are hanging from the ceiling, with a large desk in the middle of the structure. 


This location serves as the starting point for Toy Freddy, who appears to be playing his game of "Five Nights with Mr. Hugs". If Toy Freddy is activated, the player has to constantly check CAM 08 to see how Toy Freddy's doing with his gameplay. You need to click the camera and see if Mr.Hugs is closer, if you see him, click in the green button. However, if the room is completely empty, this indicates that Toy Freddy is heading towards the Office to jumpscare the player for not helping him beat the game.



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