Phantom Balloon Boy, or simply Phantom BB, is an antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 3. He returns in the Ultimate Custom Night.


Phantom BB is the same model as the original BB, with his hat and big eyes. This time his colour scheme is darker and spookier, with a mix of black, dark blue, dark red and white.

His propeller hat is now a dark red and blue, with black smudged throughout it. His cheeks are a dark black, and so is his nose. His eyes are wide and his pupils are white and black. BB's smile is the same, as-well as his teeth.

The rest of his suit is now smudgy red, black and blue. His button is now black as-well.

Ultimate Custom Night

He will appear on your viewing monitor at random. Quickly change cameras or close the monitor to avoid his jumpscare. Getting jumpscared by Phantom BB will cause you to black-out temporarily.


  • Just like FNAF3, he will appear on a camera. If the player doesn't switch the camera or lower the camera fast enough, they will be greeted with a jumpscare by Phantom BB. This will cause a load of noise and blackouts.



  • His mechanic is a throwback to his mechanic in FNAF3.


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