Phantom Mangle is a burnt hallucination of Mangle and an antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 3. It returns in the Ultimate Custom Night.


Phantom Mangle is dark in color/colour & has a burnt texture to the look. It has have black and white eyes, the eyelids are a dark magenta in colour and has thin but long eyelashes. Just like the original Mangle, his body is still an endoskeleton with wires.

Its cheeks and lipstick are both black. With its teeth are still the same and so are his ears. His extra head is still the same but has a different eye.


Ultimate Custom Night

Will appear at random in your viewing monitor. Close the monitor or switch viewing modes to make him disappear. If left onscreen for too long, he will invade your office temporarily, causing audio distractions and increasing your noise meter, which can attract even more problems.
— Ultimate Custom Night Description


Description Audio
The screeching sound Phantom Mangle makes when reaches your office.


  • Phantom Mangle's mechanic in UCN is a direct throwback to its behavior in the third game.
  • The burnt look may foreshadow the burning of the building.


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