The Pirate Cove is a returning location from Five Nights at Freddy's, appearing as Foxy and Bonnie's starting point in the Ultimate Custom Night.


Pirate Cove appears the same as its original counterpart, with purple-colored curtains decorated with white stars to emphasize the pirate motif, thus this may be reused from the first game. Funtime Foxy also has a cove.


This location is essential for checking on both Foxy and Bonnie when they're activated throughout the night. For Foxy's case, the Player must keep a constant eye out for the pirate fox, since by checking him occasionally will keep him from sprinting to the Office. However, it is not recommended to check if Bonnie is active since he'll end up screaming at the Player's face, disabling all camera screens in the process. This'll put the Player at a disadvantage for fending off animatronics that require the use of the Monitor. The only way to determine which animatronic is active is by checking on the figurines located on the desk. Funtime Foxy's cove has the very same colour as the Sister Location one. There is a sign at the cove, saying 3 AM, 1 AM, 5 AM, 8 AM, etc. View Funtime Foxy's cove EXACTLY when the sign says to avoid his attack.


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Bonnie Pirate
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