The Plushies are a new mechanic for the Ultimate Custom Night. They are essential for fending off Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Mangle, and Circus Baby.


When Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Mangle, or Circus Baby appears in the right hall, their respective plushie must be purchased with Faz-coins to avoid their jumpscare. The animatronics comes in random orders once per night and increasing their difficulty increases the price of the plushie.


  • Nightmare Mangle's plushie strangely appears to be a recolor of a Foxy plushie, like in the Halloween Edition of Five Nights at Freddy's 4.
  • The Circus Baby plushie is the only plushie to resemble its template form rather than a softer recreation of the original character.
  • Each of the plushie animatronics can be 'Cam-stalled' by keeping the Camera feed on Camera 02. If the animatronic has been cam-stalled long enough, they can disappear and never reappear for the night. This is also effective against Rockstar Chica and Lefty. If the animatronic is agitated enough however, changing the camera or system will instantly jumpscare them.


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