Plushtrap is a minor antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and a returning character to the Ultimate Custom Night.


Plushtrap is an animatronic plush-toy resembling Springtrap from the third game. Plushtrap has greenish-yellow colors on his body and slight tints of darkish green for his teeth. He appears to share many similar features with his template counterpart, except having a "corpse" inside of his suit and multiple tears across his body. Also, Plushtrap's design is considerably in better condition compared to the rest of the Nightmare animatronics.

Ultimate Custom Night

He will appear on a specific screen and sit in his chair. If you don't scare him out of his chair fast enough, he will jumpscare you.


Plushtrap can only appear if Dee Dee adds him to the roster. If this occurs, his chair will appear on Cam 06 next to Funtime Foxy's stage. If Plushtrap is sitting on his chair, scare him away by watching him on the camera until he leaves. If you are too slow he will jumpscare you.


Description Audio
The sound produced when Plushtrap is jumpscaring the player, this is shared with the rest of the FNaF 4 characters.


  • On 6/22/18, Plushtrap was confirmed as one of the characters and 5 others that Dee Dee will occasionally summon throughout the course of the night.
  • Plushtrap's mechanic references his original role in FNaF 4, in which the player had to keep an eye on him from his chair and catch him right on the X-spot in the minigame "Fun with Plushtrap!".





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