I may not like wet floors, but the smell of fresh meat is just too enticing! Ha ha!
— One of Rockstar Chica's lines.

Rockstar Chica is a buyable entertainer and another counterpart to Chica. She looks fairly different than the previous version of Chica.


Chica’s iconic cupcake is now replaced by two maracas, and instead of her bib reading "Let's Eat!", it says "Let's Rock!!!" to show she is a Rockstar animatronic. Her head is similar to Withered Chica in FNAF 2, being split in half at the beak. She has blue cheeks and knee caps and has pinkish-magenta eyes. Chica now has blue eyelids. She has a similar body type as the FNAF 1 Chica, but a much cleaner and polished version.

Custom Night

She stands outside your office waiting for her chance to jumpscare you (she can approach from either side.) Closing the doors will not cause her to leave. To make her leave, double-click the "wet floor" sign to place it in front of the door that she is standing at. This will discourage her from entering (she will be afraid of slipping), and make her go away.


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That's right! An' don't you come back now, ya hear?

That'll teach ya fer tryin' ta trick this ol' bird!

Thought you could fool me with that sign, but I was too smart for ya!

I may not like wet floors, but the smell of fresh meat is just too enticing! Ha ha!

Whoops! Looks like you're the one that slipped up this time!


  • Rockstar Chica is the only variant to have maracas.
    • She is also the only Chica to hold an instrument.
  • Rockstar Chica is stated to be voiced by Ally Johnson on the website
  • In addition, her page describes her character having a country swang as she's described as "loud and obnoxious, someone who would probably grate on your nerves in a conversation."  
  • Additionally, she is one of four 'Rockstar' animatronics to have a voice actor, the other ones are Rockstar FreddyRockstar Foxy and Rockstar Bonnie.  
  • Rockstar Chica may have basiphobia, which is the fear of falling.
  • If the Wet Floor Sign is on one side and Rockstar Chica is inhibiting the opposite hall, she can be effectively "Cam-stalled" by keeping the Camera feed on her, while the Wet Floor Sign will prevent her from moving to the opposing hall.


Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night


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