Please deposit five coins!
— Rockstar Freddy

Rockstar Freddy is a buyable entertainer from Smiles and Servos Inc and a new counterpart of Freddy Fazbear.


Overall, Rockstar Freddy’s appearance seems to be a combination of previous Freddy counterparts, along with a few new elements. His upper head looks similar to Toy Freddy's, with his lower jaw being separated but connected with metal rods to the upper part, similar to Nightmare Freddy or Withered Freddy. He has rosy-red cheeks like the Toy Animatronics from the second game, his top hat and bow tie are shiny purple, like Fredbear, and has a tan muzzle. Like the other 'Rockstar' animatronics, he has a golden metallic star on his tan colored chest. He holds his metal purple microphone in his right hand. He has white sclera with sapphire blue irises and black pupils. His kneecaps are also rosy-red. He also has many similarities to Lefty.

In Ultimate Custom Night, a coin-slot is added to his torso to reflect his new mechanic, in which the player must give him five coins.

Other Appearances

Ultimate Custom Night

Rockstar Freddy's Jumpscare

Rockstar Freddy attacking the Player.

Rockstar Freddy will stand in the office throughout the entire night. Occasionally he will activate (the frequency depends on his difficulty setting) and ask for a payment of five Faz-Coins. Failure to pay him in time will result in him jumpscaring the player and causing a game over.

However, if the player does not have enough Faz-Coins or simply does not wish to pay, they can turn on the Heater which will cause Rockstar Freddy to malfunction and think payment has been made. However, turning on the heater will make the player more vulnerable to heat-sensitive animatronics such as Freddy, Lefty, and Jack-O-Chica, so the player must decide whether it would be better to turn it on or simply pay the five coins.


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Please deposit five coins.
— Rockstar Freddy when activated

(More agitated) Please deposit five coins.
— Rockstar Freddy getting near to the point of a jumpscare

(Malfunctioned) You are attempting to trick FrEdDy!
— Rockstar Freddy when attempting to use the Heater on him

(Malfunctioned) You are attempting to--
— Rockstar Freddy when attempting to use the Heater on him

(Malfunctioned) Freddy doesn't like this!
— Rockstar Freddy when attempting to use the Heater on him

(Slowed down) Please deposit five coins.
— Rockstar Freddy's death line

Thank you for depositing five coins.
— Rockstar Freddy when the player gives him 5 Faz-Coins


  • In the Ultimate Custom Night, Rockstar Freddy is to be voiced by Kai Skrotzki
    • Additionally, he is one of four 'Rockstar' animatronics to have a voice actor, the other ones are Rockstar FoxyRockstar Chica and Rockstar Bonnie.
    • In addition, Rockstar Freddy's voice description on the website describes his character similar to that of "carnival circus attractions that are designed to sound friendly but come across as unnatural, robotic, and unnerving."
  • Rockstar Freddy was the third-to-last animatronic programmed in the UCN roster along with Trash and the Gang at 96%.
  • Rockstar Freddy's overall appearance bears a great resemblance to Toy Freddy and Fredbear in terms of design (see "Appearance" section above.)


  • While on stage, his left ankle clips through the top of his foot.



Ultimate Custom Night



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