Did you perhaps mean the room where you salvage, Salvage Room?

Salvaging is one of the major gameplay mechanics in which the player can throw away or salvage the animatronics. The first time the player sees the salvaging room is when he/she is first introduced into the true game. Here, the player sees Scrap Baby in the room sitting behind the table; however, the player does not actually salvage her at this point. The player then returns to the salvaging room after completing their tasks each day. During each salvage, the player has the choice of salvaging an animatronic found in the alley, or throwing it back out. The more the player salvages, the harder it becomes to survive through daily tasks.

Animatronics Involved

  • Molten Freddy (Salvaged at 1st Day)
  • Scrap Trap [Also known as William Afton] (Salvaged at 2nd Day)
  • Scrap Baby (Salvaged at 3rd Day)
  • Lefty (Salvaged at 4th Day)


See Salvage Room for some strategies.


  • If the player purchases Lefty before his salvage on the fourth day, there will be a sign with a winky face on it in his place.
    • The same thing can occur with any of the other three animatronics if the player has a high enough liability risk, which let them slip inside the establishment.
  • There is no salvaging on the fifth day, as there are only four animatronics to salvage.
  • At the end of the "Completion Ending", Cassette Man reveals that salvaging the animatronics was not for parts, but rather to trap and release the spirits trapped inside of the remaining animatronics.


Description Audio
The sound produced when picking up/putting down the checklist.
The sound produced when putting a check on the checklist.
The sound produced when an animatronic gets closer to jumpscaring the player.
The sound produced when shocking an animatronic.
The sound produced when an animatronic jumpscares.


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