Security Puppet is a buyable item found in the Catalog of the main gameplay. He can also be playable when you playtest him.


Security Puppet appears to be a different version of the original Puppet. His arms have joints like Nightmarionne's arms and appear to be suspended by two strings similar to an unused photo of the puppet with strings. He also appears to have only one button like Spring Bonnie, with white stripes across the torso, and the face appears to be split vertically in a fashion similar to Ennard, who, in this game, is reincarnated as Molten Freddy.

The tear streaks on his face are now blue instead of purple, and its lip is removed in the top part of the mouth. A tentacle-like appendage or wisp comes out of the top of its head, with 4 white stripes as well as a gold bulb on the end (Similar to a jester's hat, coming to a bent point, adorned with stripes and gold bells).

He also has what appears to be glitter floating around, as well as his eyes being colored dandelion-yellow instead of a regular-eyed animatronic, with more circular sockets like Nightmarionne. His present box is black with purple diagonal stripes (or maybe purple with black diagonal stripes), with red ribbons covering it vertically outside with a maroon interior.


He plays his role as a mini-game. Inside the game, the player, as the old, classic version of Puppet, is required to find a child with a green security bracelet - the assigned child, and keep him away from the exit, but there will be no assigned child except if the player plays the game three times.

Secret Lore

On the third time playing the minigame, the player will see that a child is outside the building while the Puppet is trapped because of another gift box being placed on top of his box. The child will then start to jump up and down, revealing that she is the assigned child with the green security bracelet and slowly fades away as the Puppet is free and be able to move again. The player can control the Puppet to go outside but he will be damaged by the rain. If the player keeps going to the right, they will encounter the assigned child's dead body but the Puppet has now been discolored and started to crawl. Once the player has crawled up to the dead child's body, the Puppet will be deactivated and fall next to the assigned child's corpse.


  • In the FNaF copyright list, Scott copyrighted the Security Puppet box as "Magic Puppet Box".




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