The Terminal is a mechanic used in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. It is used to keep track of the Animatronics, as well as ordering items for the Pizzeria.


The Terminal is located in the office during the player's shift. The Terminal has four function labels: Tasks, Motion D., Audio, and Vent.


Every night, the player has 11 tasks to complete from the Terminal before they may logoff from their shift. 5 are 'Order Supplies', 3 are 'Advertising' and 3 are 'Maintenance' The player may also purchase upgrades using money they draw in from visitors. Ordering supplies without an upgrade takes 9 seconds per task and produces additional noise, but with the 'Hi-Spd Uplink' upgrade, costing $500, reduces task time to 7 seconds and produces no noise. Printing advertising without an upgrade takes 16 seconds per task and produces an alarming level of noise, but with the 'X2 Printer' upgrade, also costing $500, reduces noise substantially and task time to 14 seconds and reduces noise substantially. Performing maintenance without an upgrade takes 13 seconds per task, but with the 'Hire Handyman' upgrade, costing $900, reduces task time to 10 seconds.

Motion D.

The Terminal provides the player with a Motion Detector, to give a sense of the animatronics' general locations. It does not precisely show the locations of the animatronics, but their movement from or to the displayed location, marked by a caution symbol


The Terminal provides the player with an Audio function that plays an audio distraction by clicking a vent, which can lure and temporarily hold the animatronics in place if they're within the adjacent vents of the sound radius. It can also detect animatronics when they are being loud in the vents. However, this becomes less effective in later nights.


The final tab, Vent, allows the player to turn Silent Ventilation on. This allows you to shut off the loud main vent, though the Silent Ventilation merely slows the rate at which the temperature increases. Alternatively, it can be combined with the main ventilation to speed up the rate at which the temperature decreases, though this generates noise.


  • This is rather similar to the Maintenance Panel in Five Nights at Freddy's 3.


Description Audio
The sound of the fan running.

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