Toy Bonnie is a secondary antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and a returning character for the Ultimate Custom Night.


Toy Bonnie is colored bright shiny blue, with his belly, muzzle, and insides of his ears colored a pale, powder blue/white. He has green eyes, magenta eyelids, long eyelashes, and rosy red, blushed cheeks. He has two sets of teeth, two teeth on the top and 8 on the bottom. While unseen, Toy Bonnie possesses a white fluffy tail.

He has a red bow tie that sits on the top of his torso with no buttons or stars on the other parts of his torso.

Ultimate Custom Night


He sneaks in through a trapdoor to your right. There is no way to prevent him from entering your office. Your only defense is to put on your Freddy Fazbear mask to fool him. Looking directly at him will increase the effectiveness of the mask, causing him to leave a little faster.
— Ultimate Custom Night


Toy Bonnie will randomly (slowly) slide into your office while twitching. In order to avoid his attack, you must put on the Freddy mask until he leaves. If you do not, he will jumpscare you.





  • Toy Bonnie's mechanic is a throwback to his original behavior in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, in which when he arrives at the Office's Right Vent, the player has to put on the Freddy Mask to send him away.
  • Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica were both programmed in the UCN roster at 50%.
  • Toy Bonnie was originally planned to have a voice actor, that being Stephanie Belinda Quinn. However, the final release doesn't show Toy Bonnie having any lines in the gameplay, implying his lines were scrapped.


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