It's a new day. It's your time to shine. It's time to take your career into your own hands.
— A one of Tutorial Unit's lines.

Tutorial Unit is one of the player's guides to play this game. He presents the player with certificates after they achieve an ending. He is also the narrator for each slideshow-esque cutscene, such as the opening, explaining about Fazbear's Enterainment, and the new job as manager.

During the first day, he will give instructions on how to manage the restaurant. He will instruct the player about how to purchase items, and how to switch between Catalog and Blueprint mode.

During the first night, he will give the player a rundown of how to run the computer in front of them, and instruct them to complete the tasks for the night, being the same for each night (purchasing supplies, cleaning messes, printing advertisements and menus).


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It's a new day. It's your time to shine. It's time to take your career into your own hands. You saved money your whole life. Great! Now it's time to put all your eggs into one basket and take a huge gamble on your future. A gamble that comes with a one hundred percent chance of success in some cases. What are we talking about?

We're talking about becoming a Fazbear Entertainment Franchisee. That's right! Restaurant ownership and management, something almost anyone can do with a limited degree of success. Sure, it's a lot of money to invest, but everyone's doing it, and that means it's safe and lucrative. With your initial investment, you'll receive everything you need to get started, including: a small room, some tables, and electricity. But don't forget about the money you have leftover after buying your franchise package! Use it to decorate, buy a stage, buy attractions and animatronics, and much, much more. Now let's take look at a few things that will help you get you started as a Fazbear Entertainment Franchisee, such as...

Atmosphere: making sure your establishment has an inviting atmosphere is essential to bringing in new customers.

Entertainment: Having a lot of entertainment value in your restaurant will ensure that customers come back.

Bonus Revenue: Coin-operated games and attractions can generate additional revenue during the day, which means more money in your pocket, ready for re-investment.

Health and Safety: There may be times when you purchase something of questionable quality, and we don't blame you! Cutting corners is just good business! But, there are steps you can take to ensure that you don't get sued for it, and that brings us to...

Liability: Being a thrifty shopper is smart, but be aware that buying things on sale comes with a certain amount of risk. Aside from the daily risk of lawsuits, there's also the risk that something might be hiding inside whatever you just purchased with that steeply discounted price tag. Of course, that would only be a serious danger if there were something outside that's been trying to get in for months now, which we are not confirming to be the case.

This concludes the amount of help we are legally obligated to provide. Remember: You are now the face of the newly re-branded Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Wear that smile with pride, and let's make some money!

Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for disappearance, death, or dismemberment.

Let's see how much cash you had leftover after purchasing your Franchise Package. Great! That should be more than enough! Now let's get started! On your left are your products catalogs. You can unlock more expensive catalogs by simply purchasing items for your pizzeria. Use the arrows in the bottom right of the item window to browse the products for each catalog. When you're finished shopping, click the button labeled as "Blueprint Mode" to place your items. You can switch back and forth between Catalog Mode and Blueprint Mode as often as you like before opening your doors to the public. When your're ready to open your restaurant for business for the day, click the button labeled "Finished" in Blueprint Mode. Give it a try and do some shopping!

Your restaurant is now officially open. Awesome! That doesn't mean you job is finished however. You have a lot of work to do while patrons eat their pizza in the other room. From your terminal, you have supplies to buy, papers to print, and repairs to make. Once you've taken care of all the items on your to-do list, you can log off for the day and get out of there. Money for supplies and repairs comes out of petty cash, so don't worry about it coming out of your pocket. We've got you covered. The only money you have to worry about is if you choose to upgrade any of the equipment in your office. Now, onto other matters.

Something to be aware of is the ventilation system and your terminal are pretty loud, and may prevent from hearing things in the joining air vents. That won't be a problem if there is nothing in the vents! However, if you feel their might be something in the vents, you have a few tools at your disposal to protect yourself. You can shut of the terminal and the ventilation system at anytime to decrease the amount of attention you are drawing to yourself. Also, shining your light directly into a vent, will most likely prevent anything from jumping out. You also have 3 tools from the terminal itself. There is a motion detector, an audio decoy, and a secondary ventilation unit. Keep in mind, however, that you can only have one of these active at any given time. Now get to it! Simply log off once you've completed your tasks for the day, and you can go get some coffee!

Great job! It looks like your getting the hang of this! Now let's just focus on getting you through your first week. There's a big party here Saturday, and you should view that day as your ultimate test. Make it through Saturday, and you would've proven yourself as the successful entrepreneur that we all know you can be.

Don't forget Saturday! You want them all to be in one place!
— Whenever you don't Salvage a character.

Certificate of Completion/Good Ending

Congratulations on completing your work week! We apologize if your situation wasn’t presented to you in an honest fashion when you first started, but it was important that your intentions and actions be genuine. Here at Fazbear Entertainment, we value fun, family, and food! But more importantly, we value our commitment to atoning for past mistakes and tying up loose ends. Thank you for your participation! There is no need for you to return to work next week as Fazbear Entertainment is no longer a corporate entity. Please accept this Certificate of Completion. Goodbye for now, and thank you for taking this journey with us.

Certificate of Mediocrity

Congratulations! You’ve completed a full week on the job, and done it in such a lackluster way that no one is proud, or disappointed. It’s a fine line to walk, but you did it! Completing your job with such an efficient level of laziness, that we’re surprised that you’re able to dress yourself in the morning. While such a minimalist work ethic is rare, it doesn’t mean that we want you back. In fact, it means you should look for employment elsewhere. But before you go, take this Certificate of Mediocrity! You should be proud. You stood on two feet, and convinced someone that you could do something, when in fact, you couldn’t. Now, get out.

Certificate of Bankruptcy

You gave it your best shot. You went all in. You put all your eggs into one basket and did the unthinkable. You ran out of cash. While we encourage entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, we also recognize a lost cause when we see one. There are no do-overs, and we trust that you know your way out. But before you go, take this Certificate of Bankruptcy. Now, do everyone a favor, and get lost.

Blacklisted Certificate

Congratulations! By some miracle, you’ve completed a full week on the job. Here at Fazbear Entertainment, we encourage a healthy spirit of entrepreneurship, which sometimes means taking risks, but you took it a step farther. You were reckless. And also borderline criminally negligent in almost every decision that you made. So much so, that you’ve been deemed a liability hazard, even for us. We’ll mail you your final paycheck. Minus the costs of wiping the security footage clean and erasing all trace of your employment from our files. But don’t feel like you’re leaving empty-handed. Take this Blacklist Certificate. You’ll be lucky to ever find employment in this town again. Now, take care.

Certificate of Insanity

Congratulations! You went somewhere that you weren’t supposed to go, saw something that you weren’t supposed to see, and prevented a tidy resolution to a messy problem. Needless to say, you’re fired. But before you go, take this Certificate of Insanity. We’re giving it to you to ensure that no one believes you, and to ensure that we can promptly replace you without incident. There is a truck waiting for you outside. Take care.


  • Both Hand-Unit from FNAF Sister Location and Tutorial Unit are voiced by the same voice actor, Andy Field.
  • He may or may not repeat "Don't forget Saturday! You want them all to be in one place." when you don't salvage an animatronic, due to the requirements the player has to meet to achieve the Good Ending.


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