This page contains images that went unused in the final version of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator or Ultimate Custom Night.

Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria Simulator

Unused Star


There was an unused star in the files and like Sister Location this star was a hint to a Custom night for the game, this same star reappeared in Ultimate Custom Night troll game's files with it being unused again. It was used in Ultimate Custom Night for when you completed a Challenge.

Tape Options


There is an unused animation of Henry's or Cassette Man's cassette tape being reversible, this went unused in the final game.

Tape Buttons

There are various buttons presumably for Henry's cassette tape that went unused ingame.

Molten Freddy Blueprint


There is an unused blueprint for Molten Freddy presumably for the Insanity Ending that reveals Molten Freddy's components and priority.

White Arrow


There is an unused white arrow. Only being different in color to the gold one, presumably for when selecting to continue the game from the menu, it isn't used for blueprint mode either.

Ultimate Custom Night

Demo Limit


In the Ultimate Custom Night Troll Game there is an unused texture for the mentioned 2000 point limit from Scott's steam post for the demo before he edited it. It was seen used in the UCN Demo Scott Cawthon gave out to YouTubers.

Adventure Endo-01

Adventure Endo01CN.png

Adventure Endo-01 along with Candy Cadet were planned characters to be in UCN but were both removed for better alternatives Scott stated he was including both ingame in alternate ways with Candy Cadet making an appearance as a prop, though Adventure Endo-01 never made an appearance ingame as promised by Scott.

Rockstar Chica


Their is an unused image of Rockstar Chica on the right side of the office. It is a flipped version of her from the left side. This was most likely replaced due to her bib being flipped.

Toy Chica's Movement

Before Patch Note 1.021, Toy Chica had her movement and jumpscare in the office being flipped.


Bonnet Boop

Bonnet's frames from Sister Location's Custom Night for when the player boops her on the nose were found in the game files but went unused. It is unknown why these were in the files.

Title Graphic


Their is an unused graphic for Custom Night's title, this can be seen in one for the preview images on Steam and Gamejolt for UCN. This was unused since the Power-ups and Offices buttons were added and there was no space to fit the title graphic in the main menu.

Unused Desk


Their is an unused small desk for the normal office that features, if zoomed into, brighter lighting and fixed eyebrows on the Freddy plush can be seen.


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