The Vents is a returning location from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and 3. It is a primary area in Ultimate Custom Night, which is essential for fending off animatronics that climbs inside of them.


Although the Vents aren't given any physical appearances on camera, it's most likely that they appear the same as their previous forms in their past games. They can only be accessed at the Monitor and the Vent Monitor to spot which animatronic is preparing to enter The Office.


Accessed through the Vent Monitor, the Player has to check this location if they want to block out some of the animatronics from sneaking into the Office. The animatronics that climb into the vents consists of Springtrap, Withered Chica, Mangle, Ennard, and Molten Freddy. The only way to fend them off is to activate the vent snare by tapping on either one of three traps. This will prevent some (excluding Springtrap, as he can easily bypass the gates) from getting past the security system.


  • The player can view the right and forward vents in The Ultimate Office and the vent monitor, however, the left vent cannot be seen in the office.



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