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You may not recognize me at first, but I assure you, it's still me.
— William Afton

Springtrap (also known as William Afton in the credits and later known as "Scraptrap" and Afton in UCN) is one of the main antagonists and a salvageable animatronics in the game: Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator and he holds the corpse and conscience of William Afton (himself).


He will try to attack the player when trying to salvage him, but if the salvage is completed properly, he will try to attack the player from the vents. Sometimes, when he is very close to the office or moving, the player will hear Springtrap speaking to them. During the daytime, he hides inside Nedd Bear. If the player purchases Nedd Bear before Wednesday, then Springtrap might appear earlier as buying the animatronic will allow him to sneak inside the Pizzeria.


He used parts from other animatronics to repair himself, Springtrap has a very peculiar appearance and is a lot more damaged and withered than in the third installment, but he is still in his trademark rotten greenish-yellow color. He has a drastically different appearance than his counterpart in the third game, because, Springtrap lacks the right part of his forearm, somewhat exposing parts of his bones. He also has large buck teeth on his upper jaw and his lower jaw resembles that of a nightmare animatronic from the fourth game: FNAF: 4.

His head doesn't look even remotely similar to his previous one, but, it's implied that he was attempted to repair himself after the Fazbear's Fright fire, and as some parts appear to be from Freddy, but, it's likely that he tore apart the Golden Freddy or Spring Bonnie's costume to get those replacement parts for himself. His left eyeball is partially covered by a cable. Both of his ears are missing large portions of their upper halves. Also, unlike his third game counterpart, His mouth hangs open, and has Freddy Fazbear-like foot coverings, whereas in the third game, he wears a permanent grin, with his mouth closed, and had no fur from the shins down.

Ultimate Custom Night

Afton has the distinction of having the simplest mechanic in the game, but also possibly the scariest. He will only attack once per night, and there will be no way of knowing in advance when this attack will happen, or if it will happen at all. He will always attack from the vent on the right wall, and when he does, there will be a violent clamoring sound in the vent and the lights will flicker. When this happens, you will have only a fraction of a second to close the vent door or your run will end with Afton screaming in your face.

When William Afton is enabled, and he may appear at a random time (though it's highly debatable that he won't appear for the whole night), but anyway, Afton's approach is indicated by a loud clamoring noise and the lights dimming in the office, and you have a short amount of time to close the side vent's door to prevent him from jumpscaring you and ending your night, but, unlike Balloon Boy and JJ who appear in the same entrance, Afton can attack regardless of, if your monitor is raised or not, so you should prioritize on him as soon as he arrives in your office.


FNaF 3

His first death took place in the third installment in the game. When William dismantled the main animatronics at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria (long after its closing) and he awoke the souls of the 5 Missing Children, which he killed, all of him being scared, he tried to run away and tried to hide, but the ghosts followed William into the Safe Room, where he put on the spring-lock suit stored there, unfortunately, William didn't notice the leak from the roof as he suddenly stood up and laughed at the ghosts, and suddenly, water dripped on the suit, loosening the spring-locks and violently killing him inside the suit, leaving his soul to inhabit the suit and years later in 2023, William became the character as Springtrap.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

His second death took place after he was being lured into a fake restaurant by his old partner, Henry, and the building was set on fire. The spirits of Elizabeth, Michael, Henry’s daughter and the remaining children are permanently freed, but William's spirit was cast into the "Darkest Pit of Hell" as said by "Cassette Man/Henry", as he explained that the location was all a trap in the True Ending of FNAF 6 (Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator).

Voice Lines

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What a deceptive calling, I knew it was a lie the moment I heard it, obviously, but it was intriguing nonetheless.
— After a successful salvage

That was easier than I thought it would be.

I always come back!

Fascinating, what they have become.

Bittersweet, but fitting.

How can I resist, a promise such as this?

You may not recognize me at first, but I assure you, it's still me.

— William screaming at his son and old business partner from the darkest pit of hell from the Old Man Consequences secret minigame.

The same audio, but decoded.

William's Screaming


Description Audio
William's jumpscare sound, this is shared with the rest of the animatronics who attack you.
Jumpscare 9B
The noise of William clamoring through the vent before attacking.


  • William Afton is the killer of most, but, not all, of the dead children in the FNaF Franchise (except Elizabeth Afton, who he indirectly killed by accident behalf of Circus Baby), being responsible for the deaths of the children that would go on to possess the main animatronics in the series.
  • William Afton's appearance in Pizzeria Simulator appears to resemble Spring Bonnie from the Five Nights at Freddy's 4's minigames.
  • This is the same name that appears in FNAF 3, however, there's no counterpart name for Springtrap. All we can know is that he's credited (in the credits) as William Afton.
  • Of all the animatronics that were re-designed for this game, Springtrap has the most drastic alterations from his original appearance.
  • William Afton was programmed in the UCN roster at 90%.
  • Unlike his counterpart in the third game, Springtrap appears to have a fairly bulbous and clean human skull inside his suit as opposed to a mummified head, which surprisingly has lips and ears made of bone.
    • Although it's possible that his skin has rotten away, revealing the skull and/or the brain.
  • William Afton seems to comment on his change in appearance, stating, “You may not recognize me at first, but I assure you, it’s still me.”
    • Though he may also be talking about becoming Springtrap. This could also be a reference to a common quote in the FNaF Franchise, "It's Me".
  • A glitch may occur where even if nothing is bought, nor has he been salvaged, Afton may still appear in the restaurant.
    • This is the same for Lefty.
  • He has been assumed to be the player in the Ultimate Custom Night from the voice lines of the animatronics.
  • One of Afton's kill taunts is "Bittersweet, but fitting...", a shout-out to the WWI poem Dulce et Decorum Est, which describes one of the worst horrors of war — death by chlorine gas.
  • In Ultimate Custom Night, William reuses his line "I always come back" after his jumpscare. Ironically, his mechanic involves showing up once per night, so he will definitely won't come back.


  • It is assumed that he was deteriorated after the fire at Fazbear's Fright, but he may just have rotted naturally.
  • His left arm is missing, leaving just a white spike, likely bone, in its place. It is thought his arm was removed in the fire at Fazbear's Fright or rotted off during William's trip to the establishment.
  • His body seems to be entirely different from his previous incarnation in FNaF 3, leading some to believe that somebody rebuilt Springtrap, and Afton possessed it, or that he rebuilt it himself after getting burnt at the end of FNaF 3, but this may only be the result of Scott Cawthon changing the appearance of the animatronics to give them a new, unique appearance.
  • It is believed that William is the playable character in Ultimate Custom Night, having been sent to hell and being forced to face his victims and even himself for eternity.
  • Due to the severe differences in his body's shape, endoskeleton, and overall design compared to FNaF 3, it's highly likely that he somehow obtained a new suit after the events of Five Nights at Freddy's 3, as the difference between these two incarnations is too great to have been only caused by time itself.



Ultimate Custom Night


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